Friday, April 1, 2016

Unstoppable Creativity In Our World

ZONING OUT and relaxing on a comfy beach blanket is what many people like to do at Crescent Beach when the weather gets warmer. But before long sandcastles are built and artistic urges bloom.

The sun hides its glow, skies turn gray and drizzles fall but throughout it all the desire to rearrange the scenery and create remains strong.

Some folks had a lot of fun building driftwood sculptures at the beach.

Here are the closeups.

Even though their efforts were written in sand and time will reshape the art, they did something unique that others could enjoy.

It was about rising up from that sleepy place to do something and grow.

The buds that once seemed dead spilled into view.

Fresh explorers with new plans rummaged through an old driftwood fort.

Everything was fluid, including ladder reflections by the pier. The restless water distorted whatever it mirrored and each nanosecond unveiled a different colourful painting. I turned up the palette a bit to better see the chaotic yet always symmetrical and flowing compositions unfolding relentlessly before my eyes.

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