Sunday, January 10, 2016

Wings & Other Magical Things

YOUNG AND OLD alike were giddy with delight at the sight of a human fairy that miraculously appeared during a recent holiday event called Enchanted Nights at Bloedel Conservatory in Vancouver.

I joined my niece there just as the late afternoon sky dimmed and a luminous haze settled in. This whimsical start to the New Year was her nice idea.

The long line to get indoors moved slowly giving us time to view the beauty of bare branches draped over the changing pastel pink and blue horizon.

A mood of anticipation hung in the air as we hovered over the edge of the hill and looked down from what is said to be the highest point of the city.

Despite the wintry chill, someone wrote a warm "hello" in a dusting of snow.

As dark seeped more deeply into the evening commonplace ponies transformed into unicorns offering adventurous children magical rides.

Steaming hot chocolate was available to take a bite off the cold.

The large dome looked golden from the outside but when we went in ...

the ceiling was infused with purple and multicolored lights. Moon glow and starlight shimmered in the leafy nooks below.

Birds seemed resigned to hundreds of people pointing and chattering excitedly along designated pathways.

A stream of visitors through their cozy Conservatory home was a common occurrence for these exotic creatures that grew into their wings naturally.

Never too old to pretend, we looked in awe for the miniature things snuggled in the foliage and arranged there largely by Vancouver-based 365 Productions.

Creations of wood, ceramics, metal and glass were scattered throughout. Melissa Hume, Benjamin Kikkert and Corey Cote were part of a team of artists and helpers who worked hard to make the enchantment feel real.

Fairy dresses hung prettily on clotheslines.

Balloon rides were available for those small enough to fit in the baskets.

Sometimes art mimicked reality ... and sometimes reality mimicked art.

Glass creations looked like frosty icicles.

Flouncy leaves took on the appearance of wings.

The show delivered on its promised wonder-filled experience.

Our voyage was one of the imagination where ...

fairies ruled the land, played on swings and became artists.

My niece was reminded of the Friendly Giant, a Canadian television show from several years ago, and I can see why. Although we giants were far too big to join the fairies for a cup of tea, a spell was cast and we were refreshed.

Our journey through childhood seemed to suggest: There's no need to wait for wishes to come true to find that spark of magic all around and inside you.

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