Sunday, April 12, 2015

Within The Emerald Forest At Crescent Park

CRESCENT PARK is a 128-acre natural gem in South Surrey that we usually drive by without stopping on our way to Crescent Beach.

The forested parkland has two ponds, gurgling streams, multiple winding pathways as well as sport fields and playground equipment for kids. It is the time of year when a fresh burst of young leaves splatter against the sky like green paint on a never-ending ceiling.

In the parking lot, a sign tells visitors how to deal with coyotes that also like the park. Looking them in the eye and hollering should keep the creatures at bay we are told. I suspect my performance would make them howl with laughter.

I have never encountered a coyote there but have seen many pets at the park.

Although I see only dogs, ducks, small birds, squirrels and joggers along the trails, I do not feel confident visiting such a large lush gift of nature on my own. So I was glad when my husband recently wanted to walk there with me.

Tall cedars and mossy coverings infuse the park with an emerald green sheen. New shoots sprouting from deciduous trees add to the predominant colour, making the unexpected red tulips all the more eye-catching.

Memorial plaques are nestled by some trees. Each mentions the type of tree that was donated and offers brief words of inspiration. Beneath a scarlet oak (not pictured) donated on behalf of Muriel Truelove, (a woman with an exceptional name), are words by Bernard M. Baruch, “Be who you are. Say what you feel. Those who mind don’t matter. Those who matter don’t mind.”

In an unpredictable tumultuous world who would not be glad of a moment to do what a plaque by a tulip tree (not pictured) suggests, "Live among the flowers, dance with the petals, laugh in the sunshine, let love bloom."

I found baby bells blooming in the forest ...

and ancient hieroglyphs too buried in time to comprehend.

Have you left your footprints upon wooded trails and felt at one with all of existence? For some the forest is a temple with many shrines ...

and hidden passageways to secret treasure.

This post is dedicated to Earth Day on April 22nd. Learn more about it HERE.

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