Sunday, July 27, 2014

Showered With Flowers At VanDusen Gardens

FLOWERS UNCUT and rooted in gardens were the bouquets I enjoyed at VanDusen Gardens in Vancouver where my husband and I recently went to celebrate our anniversary.

We were delighted to be greeted by this couple clinging to each other in a lovely work of fluid bronze by George Lundeen called Departure.

Luggage beneath the man's arm indicates a journey ahead. The couple seem weary but content to wait on the bench for transportation that would carry them away to unknown destinations.

The pair fit our anniversary mood perfectly as did all the surrounding flowers, foliage and works of art scattered throughout 55 acres refreshed from the previous day's rain.

We were glad to be provided transportation in what looked like a large-sized golf cart. Blankets were offered but not needed on such a mild day.

The vehicle was driven by an enthusiastic volunteer guide who knew every tree and stem. Ironically, the area was once a golf course she explained maneuvering us with ease down the winding pathways.

Here are some of many sights we saw along the way, including a very important gardener (pictured at right) who is one of several keeping the landscape flourishing with flowers and greenery.

We saw a variety of water lilies in cream, peach and pink. Tiny droplets of earth must have splashed on the petals when it rained earlier.

We passed an array of blooms. Some were transplanted from different corners of the globe and some were native to the region.

I could happily sink into this plush patch of sweet scented clover.

There were mazes where adventurers could endlessly wander.

I like how these heads seemed to organically grow from out of a stump. It was one of several sculptures on site from salvaged and recycled wood for the "Touch Wood" exhibition held during our visit.

I was fascinated by the tall wooden figures at the edge of the lawn. I imagined they could be arranged in endless ways like giant pop bottles or chess pieces.

In the distance I saw the Korean Pavilion brought to Vancouver for Expo 86. Subsequently donated to VanDusen Gardens, it is maintained by the people of South Korea to this day. A closer look reveals a festival of patterns and color.

Above is a sample of the vivid designs giving detail to the structure.

This little angel with a wistful smile is a permanent fixture and fountain.

We were told that this less than angelic creature, made from bed springs, once clutched a tiny rabbit sculpture that one day mysteriously disappeared.

This fellow, made of wood disguised as metal, seemed to glare at us as we went by. We were nearing the end of our journey. Soon it was time to go for a walk and savor the woodsy park-like setting.

A deer appeared ... its antlers mimicking tree branches.

We returned to the inseparable couple locked in time on the bench.

The two seemed so compelling and relatable. Wherever our travels take us … have we not all felt this at home in the arms of someone trusted?

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Monday, July 7, 2014

A Scoop Of Whimsy In White Rock

WAKING UP to a flute player on the balcony and a crowing rooster decorating the front lawn must make the owners of this house in White Rock smile.

I enjoy seeing their leap into whimsy each time I travel along Marine Drive.

The obviously creative owners are local artists I believe.

The eye candy they call home reminds me of strawberry shortcake, lollipops and ice cream sundaes.

The more you look the more you see. It took a while to realize there was a pig with polka dots on the patio beneath the suspended bicycle.

No matter which direction you turn your gaze there is something new to discover.

There are delicious swirls and curls everywhere and gumballs the size of Easter eggs.

And why not add a pink playhouse to be the cherry on top of such a fantastical home?

Does the whimsy stop at the front door? I can easily imagine there is much more creativity to find under the umbrella and roof of that house. Maybe one day I will receive an invitation to come inside.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Feel The Rhythm Of A Happier Beat

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS that sit idle beg to be heard and joyfully played in my corner of the world and all over the globe where less anger and sadness and more gladness is needed.

Listening to a pan flute played by a busker at Granville Island recently inspired me to search online for something similar. I stumbled onto a sensational tune played by Leo Rojas on YouTube.

Treat yourself to a moment of pure joy, let your heart soar, empty your mind of its usual chatter and get miraculously lost in the happiest of all beats HERE.

“Music is a moral law,” Plato is said to have philosophized. “It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”

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