Sunday, November 17, 2013

Signs Of Love Along The Way

A WAVE does not ask to be remembered when it recedes into the ocean and melts back into the sea … neither does a grainy bit of beach sand.

Made of similar matter we humans, however, want to leave our mark and it can seem disrespectful when the memory of someone is neglected. It is the magic of our remembering that keeps people from the past alive.

We were here and we want that acknowledged. So we name everything from bridges to airports to roads and buildings after larger than life figures who had monumental impact in our world and perhaps great wealth.

In recent years we found different ways to commemorate the less known that touched our hearts more personally. Most of the parks I visit nowadays have benches and many have plaques.

Currently I believe a basic bench, along with a plaque, requires a donation of three thousand dollars to the City of Surrey. This ensures the bench will be maintained for ten years after which there is a renewal fee.

The plaque to the left reads, "Tis a simple seashell, one out of which the pearl has gone. The shell was nothing, leave it there; the pearl - the soul - was all, is here."

In another visit to Crescent Beach I rested my back on a plaque that says,
"Warm summer sun shine kindly here. Warm summer wind blow softly here."

In words as few as a modern day Tweet, what would you say about yourself or a loved one and where would you etch such a special note?

I wonder if I could craft a message that is as poignant and concise as the one above that says, "The magic of our love will forever dance."

The wording on most benches strives to be uplifting and imaginative. Plaques are gifts placed where all are welcome to sit and contemplate, enhanced by a desire to inspire while keeping the memory of a loved one alive.

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