Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rainbows In A Storm

HEALTH IS A CORNERSTONE of contentment that we take for granted until it wanes on our journey through life. When pieces of us seem broken and simple tasks are a chore it is not easy to keep up spirits and it is natural to be sad, angry and fearful. Yet it is when we feel the most defeated that trust in bright outcomes and even miracles can occur.

Through my blogging friend Carol’s site, I became aware of a special woman struggling with cancer and a concept called Leaves For Leontien. This creative way of sending a goodwill message with a photograph inspired me to think about Leontien and her blog as well as the friends and loved ones who are near and also yearn for their health to be restored.

In some circles the umbrella represents protection and life. The umbrella pictured with fallen leaves is my wish and a prayer that those in need find refuge and like rainbows in a storm an arch of healing and care.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Heritage Tree Designated In Ocean Park

WE WERE CUTTING CAKE not trees in the Ocean Park community last Saturday in honor of a tree that stands tall in leafy splendor in front of an 87-year-old heritage home. It is an epic ode to nature along a quiet street.

The Common Horse Chestnut, thought to have been planted by local pioneer John Horner who built the historic shingle clad house in its shadow, was recently designated a heritage tree and celebrations were planned.

The magnificence of the tree is not easily captured with a camera. While a multitude of branches reach skyward like outstretched arms ...

inedible chestnuts fall to the ground in autumn and leave slippery conundrums for walkers passing by. Although best not planted by the sides of roads for this reason, the hardy tree is often seen lining streets in towns and cities throughout the world.

At a time when more trees are on the chopping block, it is reassuring to see some that are preserved and treasured. A gathering place for birds, an umbrella for shade in summer and a whistler of tunes when breezes blow, this tree holds a special place in the hearts of many in the neighborhood.

Isn't one special tree rooted in many childhood memories? I still remember fondly a towering Redwood with giant branches I loved to climb as a girl. It provided hours of fun and let me escape into fantasy realms. The tree helped my imagination grow and challenged me to see how high I could go.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ray Of Hope In An Open Field

AN ABUNDANCE of construction is happening around my neighborhood where old homes and trees have been brought down to make way for the new. I noticed this flower on a large soon-to-be-developed property. It seemed to pop up out of nowhere like a burst of sunshine.

It injected a ray of hope into the open field and into my morning. It is somehow comforting to see that despite devastating events sleepy seeds are quietly stirring and full of potential to suddenly sprout and grow.

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