Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Joannie Rochette: A Bow to Bravery

WHAT COURAGE OLYMPIAN JOANNIE ROCHETTE showed to put on her costume and stand tall on Tuesday, let alone achieve what was her personal best skate to date ... despite the shock and heartbreak of suddenly losing her mother. Hopefully, worldwide encouragement will lighten her way throughout the Olympics and beyond. It is a story that captures us in the moment.

Although so many of us are expressing our condolences, the rainy day blessings she will receive when quiet times come around will be from her closest friends and family in the months that follow. They will give her the support and love she obviously will need after losing her staunchest supporter who, like so many moms, was no doubt her greatest cheerleader and the backbone of her achievements. Having lost my own mom too soon, I know people gather like flowers to help individuals through their losses. The essence of my mother’s love is with me to this day and I can turn inwardly to find her at any moment. This surely will eventually be the case for Joannie whose mother will infuse the rest of this young woman’s life with the fragrance of her love.


  1. I don't know if you sent Joannie condolences, but if she were to see this oh-so-eloquent post, I believe she would find it comforting to know that you can turn to that "essence of your mother's love" at any moment. I am watching her skate as I write this comment and my heart is pounding. Not for the medal, but because I want her to finish her skate feeling that her Mom was with her and would have been bursting with pride, regardless of where her daughter placed. After a beautiful skate by the final competitor, Mirai Nagasu, I admit to being thrilled for Joannie. Well done, brave girl! You will step on the podium tonight, and your Mom will be by your side.

  2. Thank you both. I left Joannie a comment in a sea of comments that didn’t appear to go through. Maybe she’ll come across the array of online expressions in the future.

    I wasn’t sure what would happen when the last skater performed so beautifully. I think for Joannie the main goal was to complete her skate to the best of her ability under unusual pressure. She certainly did that!! Her own resolve, the live crowd, television viewers and maybe some part of her mom all willing her to succeed!


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